Digital Manometer Keller

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FX 19773


Achieving optimal precision and fine-tuning for the highest level of accuracy necessitates the use of a reliable and highly precise instrument. The Swiss-made FX Keller Digital Manometers stand out among all other available options in terms of precision. Shooters who prioritize accuracy often opt to enhance their secondary regulator gauge by incorporating the FX Keller Manometer. Its exceptional accuracy plays a crucial role in fine-tuning the internal mechanisms to achieve the utmost precision and maximize overall shooting accuracy.
The FX Keller Digital Manometers boast an impressively extended battery lifespan. Under regular usage, the replaceable lithium battery is anticipated to endure for approximately three years. Changing the battery is a hassle-free process, as it can be easily replaced from the side of the gauge.

Pressure range / measuring range: 250 bar

Regulator = 150 bar gas cylinder 230 – 250 bar

Operating temperature range: 10 – 40°C

Storage temperature: -30°C – 80°C

Media resistance: Air

LCD display: 3 digits, display bar, shot symbol and caution -symbol + Batlow

Battery Type: CR1632 / 3V / 125 mAh

Lifetime Battery: ON: >1 year OFF: >10 years

Dimensions housing: Ø 25.5 mm x 20 mm (28.5 mm) Ø 25.5 mm x 20 mm (28.5 mm)

Pressure connection – thread – wrench size: G1/8 – SW18 – 5 mm high


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