Cookies policy

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that is downloaded to your computer through the websites you visit. Websites store data that your browser resends to you each time you visit them or as you navigate from one page of the site to another. Some cookies are essential to be able to use a website successfully, since they allow you to remember information that has already been entered.

Other cookies store browsing and booking habits to collect analytical data of website activity or to show you different products, depending on what seems to interest you.

Use of Cookies by Europe Airguns

Technical cookies that are strictly necessary for the operation of the website.

Analytical cookies that allow us to check how visitors navigate the website, as well as record the contents they see and those that are of interest to them. These cookies help us to improve the service we offer you, as this way we can ensure that our users find the information they want.

Social cookies that are necessary on the social networks Facebook, Google and Twitter to control the interaction with social widgets on the website.

Can I avoid storing cookies on my computer?

You must modify the cookie settings in each browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari). Typically, there are several ways to manage cookies: enable or disable cookies altogether, delete specific cookies that have already been stored in your browser, block the possibility for certain websites to store cookies on your computer, or block third-party cookies (while browsing a website, another website stores cookies on your computer).